World Book Day 2012 – Costume Ideas for School Children for World Book Day

Annual World Book Day – 1st March 2012

It is almost 1st March 2012 and the 15th Annual World Book Day.  There are many schools and students in the UK who are planning a special day to celebrate alongside children in over 100 countries around the world to celebrate their love of reading. Every child in the country should receive from their school a book token to exchange for one of eight new books  or £1 off another book of their choice.

Please click here to view the 8 books that are on offer for £1.00.

Dressing Up for World Book Day

World Book Day has rolled around again; it’s the time of year that either fills you with horror or has you bursting with ideas as you are expected to pull together a fantastic and original costume for your child to wear to school!

World Book Day can be a great way of creating interest in books your children may not have heard of before but it can be stressful for parents in attempt to summon up an outfit without spending a fortune or having to be a gifted costume designer! These are some ideas that are not too difficult to put together.

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WorldBook day outfits for girls

Carrie from Carrie’s War – 1940’s evacuee style clothes with suitcase, gasmask and name tag.

Little Princess – white nightdress and crown

The Worst Witch –Witch’s hat, black cape over black pinafore with red sash. Broomstick and toy cat.

The White Witch (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe) -White fur fabric or velvet as cloak, crown, wand and box of Turkish delight.

Pippi Longstocking – pipe cleaners in plaits, stripy odd socks, dress with patches, put freckles on face.

Tiara Club – party dress, tiara, feather boa, or fake fur shrug/jacket

Hetty Feather/Sapphire Battersea – Victorian clothes, mob hat & pinafore

Meg and Mog – witch costume plus cuddly toy cat

Sleepover Club – pjs & dressing gown

Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) – blue gingham dress, red shoes, hair in plaits, toy dog for Toto.

Rainbow Fairies –  possibilities are endless! Fairy wings with appropriate colour/themed accessories.

Mary Poppins – Long black or navy skirt, white shirt with brooch/red bow at neck, hat, umbrella and carpet bag or similar.

Laura from Laura’s Star – nightclothes plus teddy and gold star with plaster on it.

Fern from Charlotte’s Web – jeans, shirt, toy pig, toy spider and, if feeling ambitious, cobweb made from pipecleaners.

Railway Children – Edwardian style clothes (ankle length skirt, high neck blouse, lace up boots, pinafore and wooly cap) accessorise with red shorts/bloomers on a stick!

Pony Club Secrets – jodphurs, riding hat, jacket & crop.

Camicazi from How to Train your Dragon – brown/black/grey skirt or dress with leggings underneath, brown Ugg type boots, sword and shield, Viking hat or bandana.

The Illustrated Mum – Fake tattoo arm sleeves (available Amazon uk) long hippy style skirt, denim jacket

World Day Book Outfits for Boys

Horrid Henry – scruffy clothes & messed up hair

Just William – old fashioned school uniform; shorts, knee socks, crooked tie and school cap. Catapult and/or peashooter.

Burglar Bill – eye mask, black trousers, black and white stripy top, swag bag

Alex Rider – jeans, black bomber jacket/denim jacket, baseball boots, sunglasses, chunky watch, torch, spy accessories

Tom from Tom’s Midnight Garden – pyjamas and dressing gown

Indian in the Cupboard – Cowboy (Boone)  or Indian (Little Bull) costume

Captain Hook or the Night Pirates – pirate costume or rolled up trousers, shirt, eye patch, bandana and cutlass

Puss in Boots – Cat costume or face mask and either boots or customized wellies.

Dracula – any Halloween vampire cloaks, fangs, gelled back hair.

Harry Potter – cloak, glasses, wand, lightning scar, maybe a toy owl?

King Babar – elephant mask, crown, smart suit.

Hiccup Haddock from How to Train your Dragon – Viking hat, green jumper, brown waistcoat, sword and shield, Dragonbook

Saucepan Man from the Faraway Tree books – plain clothes with toy saucepans attached, real saucepan as hat?

Moonface from Faraway Tree books – smart clothes, handkerchief in pocket, face made from paper plate.

Paddington Bear – Blue duffle coat, large floppy hat, pretend jar of marmalade, label saying “Please look after this bear, thank you”

Kip McGrath Urmston & Stretford, Manchester

Encouraging literacy among children is so important to the future of our childrens’ education. Myself (Kelly Barrett) and my partner Claire Okeregaha have over 25 years teaching experience in schools in the North West England and are just about to open our new Gen2 official Kip McGrath centre in Urmston & Stretford, Manchester.  Please connect with us on Facebook and we look forward to posting more blog articles soon.


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