Summer Tuition at Kip McGrath Leigh Tutoring Centre in Manchester

English and Maths Tutoring in Leigh, Greater Manchester

The Kip McGrath Centre in Leigh offers maths and English tuition to children aged 6 – 16 years who are struggling with reading, writing, english comprehension and maths.  We also offer tuition to children sitting entrance exams, SAT’s and GCSE’s.

This summer, we will also be offering tuition classes at our centre in order to:

  • Enable students to maintain the progress they have been making
  • Provide a ‘catch up’ opportunity
  • To give students a boost before they start a new school year, especially those moving up to High School

Classes will be available on Tuesdays from the 7th to 28th August at 9.30am, 11.00am and 5.30pm or Thursdays from the 9th to the 30th August at 9.30am and 11.00am.

If you would like to enrol your child or book a FREE educational assessment and visit our centre, please call Andrea Roberts on 01942 261615 or visit our main website at


Didsbury and Chorlton Tutors – What’s on at Kip McGrath South Manchester 2012

Summer School at Kip McGrath Chorlton Tuition Centre

All children look forward to the Summer holidays and the last thing on their minds is school work.  However, for some children who have perhaps been struggling at school, this period of time can set them back.  We have a number of students at our Kip McGrath centre in Chorlton who are moving up to High School or to an important exam year and due to the demand of our parents, we have decided to offer a two week “get ready for school” Summer course.  Places will be on a first come first served basis but are open to new students also.

About Kip McGrath

Kip McGrath Chorlton and Kip McGrath Didsbury are owned and operated by husband and wife team Graeme & Satty Clarke.

Kip McGrath Chorlton opened in March 2005. The Centre offers tuition in Maths, English, Science & Entrance Exams for ages 5 – 16. Although, recently we have had several college age students coming in to practise for resits.

We pride ourselves for giving the best possible tuition in south Manchester. Our staff are fully trained teachers, who are able to expertly deliver tuition in the “Kip McGrath ” way. We offer personalised professional tuition and detailed feedback to parents and students. We have students referred to us from local schools, who are fully aware of our expertise in tutoring.

One large south Manchester high school recently contacted us to enquire whether they could hire our staff!

Since we opened we have tutored all age ranges and abilities.

These include:

  • Entrance Exam preparation for Public Schools. ( 100% pass rate this year from our Centre!)
  • Entrance Exam preparation for Trafford L.E.A. schools.
  • GCSE preparation.
  • KS1 & KS2 SATS preparation.
  • Catch up lessons for all age ranges.
  • Lessons for Home Educated Children.
  • Lessons for children excluded from school.
  • Lessons for children who regularly miss school.
  • Lessons for children who enjoy attending our Centre!

The majority of children who attend our Centre have done so for at least two years!

This year we have achieved over 160 children per week attending lessons! An all time high!

Our New Didsbury Tuition Centre

Kip McGrath Didsbury opened in March 2012. The aim of the Centre is to compliment Kip McGrath Chorlton and offer the people of Didsbury the same level of quality tuition as in Chorlton.

Our open day was a great success and we very lucky to have Deputy Lord Mayor, Elaine Bowes, oficially open our new centre.

Contact Us

To find out more about our individual tuition programmes or to register your interest in our Summer School, please call Graeme Clarke on 0161 860 6888 or visit our websites:

Top Tips on How to Help Children with Homework

This is an excellent article written by a colleague in Luton South about what parents should and should not do when helping children with homework. At our Kip McGrath centres children are given a small amount of homework which they are encouraged to complete themselves without parental assistance. If a question is unanswered or wrong, it helps us gather a clear picture of a child’s understanding of the subject. Sometimes parents can fall into the trap of helping their children with homework too much but in the long term, this is not helpful to your child.  Thank you to Dr Samina Rashid for publishin.

Kip McGrath Luton Tutor's Blog

It’s exam season and most children in school are doing tests or exams. Almost every parent knows what it feels like to know that their child has a test the following morning and their child is not prepared. Just this last week, I have taken double the amount of calls I usually take to put worried parents’ minds at ease. Homework is a common cause of arguments in homes and we’ve all fallen into that trap where parents nag about homework and children ignore……

Does your child expect you to help them with homework? Have you ever done your child’s homework for them because you thought it was too hard? And how do you tread that fine line between helping your child with homework and interfering/doing the homework for them?

Homework has many purposes; the main one I think is to re-enforce what has been learnt in school. It teaches…

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Tuition in Salford, Manchester – What’s Happening at Monton Kip McGrath Education Centre

Maths and English Tuition at Monton Kip McGrath Centre in Salford

The Kip McGrath Centre in Monton, Salford is run by Justine Gray who is a qualified teacher with over 15 years experience in teaching in the Manchester area. Please have a look at our newly updated website to discover our Maths and English Tutoring Programmes and how we can help your child.

What’s happening at our Centre?

The students have been working very hard at the centre and the exam students are particularly busy preparing and studying for their exams.  It is great to see the students’ confidence growing each week and we are expecting great GCSE results in both English and Maths this year.

Times Table Challenge

The younger children have been very enthusiastic about the Times Table Competition we are running in the Centre.  Everyone has been practicing and desperate to win the prizes.  Congratulations to the latest winners!

Ben in Year 8 won 1st prize £5 cinema ticket for the 12+ age category beating off several year 11 children.

Aryaman in Year 5 won 1st prize £5 cinema ticket for the 10-11 year olds category.

Eve in Year 4 won 1st prize £5  cinema ticket for the 8-9 year olds category.

Charlie in year 1 won 1st prize £5 cinema ticket for the 6-7 year olds category.

Parent Testimonials

It is wonderful to receive feedback from parents and we really do appreciate the following most recent testimonials:

“My son Callum is 6 years old and enjoys all his lessons at Kip McGrath. He is encouraged and praised during his lessons and given relevant homework. In the few months that Callum has attended we have seen a marked improvement in his school work and in his confidence. The feedback from the teacher is great, she really knows Callum and what his academic abilities are and gently pushes him to do more, which has enabled Callum to always try his best. Callum has tried alternative tuition and Kip McGrath has been the best choice for Callum”. Mrs Griffin

“My daughter Lily is in year 9 and joined Kip McGrath 6 weeks ago. We are really impressed with the progress she has already made in her maths, I am so amazed at what she has achieved in a short space of time. I know that with continued support she will get a good grade in her GCSE and most of all she loves going to the classes”. Mrs price, Swinton

Contact Kip McGrath Monton/Salford

If you have any concerns about your child’s progress in school, please feel free to Call Justine Gray on 0161 278 2430 or email  Alternatively, visit our website to find out more and arrange a FREE educational assessment.

Brilliant books for boys not hooked on reading.

If your son has a good sense of humour and prefers to read books that make him laugh out loud then he should look out for Liz Pichon, who this year won the Roald Dahl Funny Prize with ‘The Brilliant World of Tom Gates.‘ The book is about a doodler,Tom, who lists his hobbies as annoying his sister Delia, being in a band and eating caramel wafers. Liz has written two other books in this series; ‘Everything’s Amazing( sort of)‘ and ‘Excellent Excuses and Other Good Stuff.’

I encouraged my eleven year old son to read the first one and he was hooked before he got to the end of the first chapter. In fact, he enjoyed the book so much that within 6 days he had read all three. Of course, this level of passion for reading can create problems of a different sort – trying to get your son to sleep at a decent hour! – but that’s a topic for another blog. His only disappointment was that he’d read them too quickly.

I took the books up to my tuition centre in Walkden and asked a couple of boys that are reluctant readers to give them a try. Guess what? They both brought them back the following week and were desparate to borrow another. One boy pleaded with his mum to take him straight to the Trafford Centre (fortunately, there’s always late shopping at the TC ) to get his own copies so he didn’t have to wait.

Switching some boys on to reading can be a real challenge but finding books that appeal to them is more than half the battle! It would be great to know what your son or your students think of  Tom Gates?

Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details

Criminal Checks on Teachers- Which Tutors are Qualified or have CRB Checks to Teach My Child?

Who is Tutoring your Child?

A report today published on the BBC website stated  that over 4,000 offenders, including rapists, paedophiles and drug dealers, applied to become teachers last year only to be rejected after checks.  The Criminal Records Bureau  requested this information to be released and worryingly it states that it has prevented 130,000 unsuitable people from working with children or vulnerable groups.  To read the rest of the article please click here.

One of our teachers at Kip McGrath Urmston and Stretford brought this to my attention today and she has blogged about this on her own Kip McGrath Urmston Tutors blogsite and agreed to let me share.

CRB Checks and the Tutoring Industry

This is reassuring that the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) are doing their job efficiently in mainstream education in the UK and preventing these individuals working with children and vulnerable groups.

However, I have been shocked to learn that in the private tuition industry, these checks are not always carried out.  ANYONE can set up a website and advertise as a tutor with no CRB checks.  Additionally, tutors advertising their services do not actually have to be a qualified teacher.  There are no regulations in the UK for private tutors and this is very worrying.Questions to Ask when Choosing a Tutor for your Child

Questions to Ask when Choosing a Tutor for Your Child

Choosing a tutor for your child is like choosing a childminder when they are young.  You have to do research, take out references and decide with your child what is going to work for you and your family.  You would never leave a small child with a childminder you didn’t know who was unregulated.  Why would you invite a tutor into your home a few years later who also did not have a CRB check or references or any teaching qualification?  This is what is happening in the UK unfortunately.  These are some questions you should ask when looking for a tutor:

  1.  Do they have a CRB check or enhanced disclosure?  Ask to see it and ensure it is current.
  2. Can they provide independent references that you can verify?
  3. What experience do they have in teaching in the classroom?
  4. What results an they demonstrate?
  5. Do they know the school curriculum?
  6. Are they a qualified teacher or just someone who has set up a tutoring business?  Ask to see proof.
  7. Do you want someone in your house teaching your child or would you prefer them to be tutored in a Centre with other children?
  8. Don’t assume other well known tutoring centres are taught by teachers.  Most are taught by non teachers who administrate a centre following multiple worksheets in written and computerised form.  This can help students learn their times tables but if there is a learning weakness in English and Maths, this really needs to be assessed by a qualified teacher

Tutors at Kip McGrath Education Centres

With over 600 Centres worldwide and 200 in the UK, we can state that every tutor teaching your child is a qualified teacher and highly experienced.  Every tutor must also hold a full disclosure from CRB or we will apply for one for them before they can tutor.  When you leave your child at one of our Kip McGrath Education Centres, you can be assured that they are being taught by qualified teachers who have had CRB checks and hold a full disclosure certificate.

Before enrolling any child, we carry out a full educational assessment which will tell us (and parents) exactly what level their child is on and identify areas of weakness.  This can take up to an hour and we will disclose our findings with you.  This is FREE of charge and without obligation.

If you would like to arrange an assessment, please click here and one of our teachers will contact you as soon as possible.

Behavioural Problems in Children can be caused by Lack of Sleep

Child Behaviour Link to Snoring

A report out today establishes clear links between mild to severe sleep problems and behavioural problems in children. The study, which looked at 11,000 children in the UK suggests that sleep problems could harm the development of the brain in children, furthermore it debates that conditions such as as ADHD could be preceded by and aggravated by breathing related sleep disorders.

Dr Karen Bonuck, the lead researcher, believes that sleep breathing issues affect the supply of oxygen to the brain at a time when it should be benefitting from the restorative effects of sleep. Marianne Davey of the British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Society believes that some children are diagnosed with ADHD when there is is an underlying and unrecognised sleep disorder, that if treated would improve behavioural problems. This will undoubtedly be interesting and welcome news for families whose children do have sleep disorders and behavioural problems but it is equally important for all families in highlighting the crucial role sleep plays in brain development in children and teenagers.

Does your child get enough sleep?

*All children vary but children should be getting around the correct amount of sleep for their age:

1 – 3 years – 12 -14 hours

3 – 6 years – 10 -12 hours

7 – 12 years – 9.5 – 10.5 hours

12 -18 years – 8.5 – 9.5 hours


The effects of sleep deprivation on are well documented and having just 1 hour less sleep per night than recommended can have an impact over time. Behavioural problems, reduced attention span and reduced learning skills are all strongly associated with lack of good quality sleep in children and teenagers. This is a problem that seems to be getting worse. Research has shown that today’s children and teenagers get on average 1 hour less sleep than 100 years ago and modern technology seems to play an important role in this; how many children a generation ago had a TV, DVD player, Laptop, iPod etc in their bedroom?

Should you be worried about your child’s sleep?

The good news is that unless your child is showing any signs of not having enough sleep and is coping well they are probably fine. Children just like adults vary in the amount of sleep they need; one of my daughters needs considerably more sleep than her sisters or she is fit for nothing!

Pediatric sleep specialist William Kohler states

A child who is alert and doing well in school with no behavioral issues is probably getting enough sleep,” he then goes on to say;

“We may not have good standards for understanding how much sleep an individual child needs, but there is plenty of good evidence that getting too little sleep or having poor-quality sleep leads to a wide range of health and behavioral problems,” .

As a parent you can best judge whether your child is getting sufficient sleep but it is always a good idea to keep a close eye on the amount of sleep they are getting and be aware that many children actually become hyperactive when they are tired! They may seem like they have bags of energy but post teatime madness is often a good indication of overtiredness! If your child does seem to be suffering from lack of sleep it may be an idea to think about your bedtime routine and their sleep environment. For example, do they have too many distractions in their room? Are they overstimulated in the run up to bedtime?

Studies have shown that children with a TV in their bedroom tend to perform less well in school than those without. If your child is having issues that you think could be related to sleep, it may be an idea to move the TV out of their bedroom for a while to see if that helps.

As a teacher I have seen first hand many tired pupils who admitted that they were watching TV in their rooms, late at night without their parents’ knowledge!

Clearly it is vital that children have good quality sleep to enable them to develop, learn and achieve their potential, hopefully this report will highlight the important role of sleep to all parents including those whose children are most affected.

What do you think? Does your child get enough sleep or do you have a struggle to get them to sleep?

More details on the report

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